Hillsborough Community College

International Academy of Design and Technology

A.S. Digital Television and Media Production


English Composition I and II

Topics in Mathematics

Intro to Theater Arts

Public Speaking

Intro to Sociology

Intro to Entrepreneurship


American Government

Intro Mass Communications

Intro to Computers and Technology

Multimedia Authoring I

Digital Animation Design



Graphic Design/Multimedia/Internet

Careers in Film and Video

Electronic Field Production

Adv Electronic Field Production

Intro to Broadcasting

Broadcasting Techniques

Adv TV Studio Production

Radio Production & Programming

Broadcast News

Broadcasting Techniques

Radio TV Internship I and II

B.F.A. Digital Art and Technology


English Composition I and II

Drawing and Composition

Intro to Systems

Interpersonal Communication

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Page Layout I

Digital Illustration I and II

Photoshop I and II

Intro to Audio

Intro to Video

Application Design

Publication Design

Director Lingo Basics

Programming for Internet

Audio Production

3-D Modeling & Animation

Human-Computer Interaction

Design for Continuity

Webmastering I and II

Advanced Director

Introduction to New Media

Media Production

Multimedia Design

American History II

Intro to Poetry

Database Management



Earth Science II

Creative Writing

Professional Portfolio

Adv Post-Production Techniques

Marriage & Family

Multimedia Concepts

Personal Investments

World History

Humanities: Music Appreciation

Adv 3-D Modeling & Animation

Computer Network Design


DVD Concepts

Health and Nutrition

Special Effects

Programming Concepts

Copyright Law

3-D Modeling & Emulation

Psychology: Ethics

Adv Digital Imaging

Humanities: to 14th Century

Professional Practices

Photography for Graphic Design

Environmental Graphics

Internship: Web Design